IIUI Olympathon 2019

The excitement, exuberance and joy were felt acutely by all participants of Olympathon 2019 organized by Mechanical Engineering Society on 20th December, 2019. The aim of the Olympathon was to test multiple behaviors and aspects of the student body. Mental, Physical, Talent and Creative aspects were measured in a team setting. Teams from various departments of The University of Lahore participated in the event. The modules were Trivia Challenge in which quick fire questions were answered by teams as well as a name it round in which teams were asked to name miscellaneous pictures.
Teams were awarded 200 points which were carried over to the next round. The participants showed their team skills as well as physical coordination through the Brick Path Game. The aim was to form a linkage of arms and cover a certain distance while moving on bricks as a team. The Ball Challenge involved carrying three balls by four team members along a specific curved path without using arms and legs. The teams were awarded 200 points based on their time on the stop watch. The accumulated points were carried forward to the next round. To explore the talent of the student body two members from each team were asked to present their talent on stage. The confident students showed their skill in singing, dramatics, poetry, prose, qawaali, comedy, sketching etc. A panel of judges was established to award points out of 200.
The points were accumulated and carried forward. The students were extremely creative in the spaghetti–marshmallow challenge where a creative and tallest structure was awarded highest points. Spaghetti sticks were joined by tape to create a stable structure. A total of 150 points were allotted for the Creative game. The aim of the Olympathon was to involve all team members in the modules as well as to create a combined appealing festive atmosphere. The office bearers of Mechanical Engineering Society were extremely successful in preparing the right ingredients for the event as well as carrying out all plans to perfection. The team with the highest accumulated points was declared to be the winner of the Olympathon.
The guidance and support of Head of Mechanical Engineering Department, Prof. Dr. Salim Abid Tabassum was there for MES. From the initial plans, to logistics and to the gritty details General Secretary MES Hamza Farooq Sultan was solid in his leadership. He was ably supported by Asad Abbas, Hadi Rustam, Usama Zia. Treasurer Moaz Azam was valuable with his advice and handled the Trivia Module with the support of Muhammad Ahmad. The support and just evaluation of Assistant Professor Khurram Hameed Mughal was available throughout the event. The Office of Student Affairs provided all resources, finances and facilities in a timely and efficient manner. The involvement of all UOL Staff from maintenance, auditorium allotment, administration, services, OSA and photography was one of support and positivity.

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