Management Sciences

Department of Management Sciences at Ibadat International University is committed to produce business professionals with accomplished leadership, entrepreneurial and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, to impart ethical consciousness and research-oriented knowledge in business professionals to make them a best fit in the society. We recognize the future demands of the industry; therefore, we are carving paths for our industry-academia linkages. The Department believes that collaboration among industry and academia will bring out the required accomplished professional. This collaboration is augmented by business projects, research activities, guest lectures, seminars and lectures delivered by the faculty and industry personnel.
VISION “To produce business professionals capable of contributing positively towards business and society” MISSION “Our mission is to impart business education in an innovative learning environment that develops individuals with intellectual capital and professional skills equipped with ethical values. We aspire to educate the students through an encouraging academic and research environment, enabling them to contribute towards the business and the society”.
Department of Management Sciences (DMS) provides an up-to-date learning environment to its pupils and researchers by advocating an amalgam of theoretical and practical approach towards business world. Since, its establishment in 2005, DMS has been competently contributing to the growth and advancement of the society through its innovative, skilful and pragmatic approach. We offer a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs including BBA, MBA and M.Phil. At present, we offer a four years Bachelor’s program in Business Administration with an aim to deliver a strong foundation and knowledge to our business students. In addition to that we provide online research portals, labs, and libraries to encourage cognitive skills and improved reasoning. DMS has more than 2000 alumina, who are efficiently contributing their knowledge and skills in the local, national and international settings. We have highly qualified professionals with an excellent applied knowledge of the traditional and contemporary business sphere. DMS’s vibrant academic system provides the students with well-fitting educational understanding to meet the needs of the emerging world.
BBA – Hons. (4-Year Program 136 Cr. Hours)  
Semester 1 Cr. Hr. Semester 2 Cr. Hr. Semester 3 Cr. Hr. Semester 4 Cr. Hr.
Functional English 3 Principles of Management 3 Principles of Marketing 3 Marketing Management 3
Islamic & Pakistan Studies 3 Business Statistics 3 Human Resource Management 3 Organizational Behaviour 3
Computer Applications to Business 3 Micro Economics 3 Business Finance 3 Financial Management 3
Business Mathematics 3 Financial Accounting 3 Macro Economics 3 Fundamentals of Project Management 3
Principles of Accounting 3 Business Communication & Presentation Skills 3 Professional Writing 3 Business Law & Ethics 3
Introduction to Business 3 Introduction to Psychology 3 Cost Accounting 3 Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management 3
Semester 5 Cr. Hr. Semester 6 Cr. Hr. Semester 7 Cr. Hr. Semester 8 Cr. Hr.
Consumer Behaviour 3 Total Quality Management 3 Business Decision Analysis 3 Skill Development Workshop 3
Production & Operation Management 3 Money & Banking 3 Public Speaking 3 Specialization III 3
Advance Project Management 3 E-Business 3 Specialization I 3 Specialization IV 3
Business Research Methods 3 Quantitative Techniques in Research Methods 3 Specialization II 3 Final Year Project / Thesis 3
Corporate Social Responsibility 3 Change Management 3 Final Year Project/Thesis 3 Internship 1
Entrepreneurship 3 International Business 3   3    
Areas of Specialization/Elective Courses
  Human Resource Management Marketing Finance
S. No Code Course Name Code Course Name Code Course Name
1 HRM-104 Leadership MKT-104 Brand Management FIN-105 Corporate Finance
2 HRM-105 Reward & Compensation MKT-105 New Product Development FIN-106 Financial Statement Analysis
3 HRM-106 Labour Law & Legal Issues in HR MKT-106 Advertising & Promotional Strategies FIN-107 Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management
4 HRM-107 Training & Employee Development MKT-107 Product & Pricing Strategy FIN-108 Financial Markets & Institutions
5 HRM-108 Recruitment & Selection MKT-108 Media Marketing FIN-109 Islamic Banking & Finance
6 HRM-109 Human Resource Information System MKT-109 Industrial Marketing FIN-110 International Finance
7 HRM-110 Employee Performance Management MKT-110 Entertainment Marketing FIN-110 Financial Risk Management
8 HRM-111 Conflict & Negotiation Management MKT-111 Marketing Planning & Program FIN-111 Security Analysis
9 HRM-112 Contemporary Issues in HR Management MKT-112 Retail Marketing FIN-112 Entrepreneurial Finance
10 HRM-113 Teams & Organizational Dynamics MKT-113 Strategic Brand Management FIN-113 Audit & Assurance
11 HRM-114 Job Analysis & Practices MKT-114 Global Marketing FIN-114 Behavioural Finance
12 HRM-115 .Industrial Psychology MKT-115 Strategic Marketing FIN-115 Financial Economics
13 HRM-116 Global Human Resource Management MKT-116 Social Media Marketing FIN-116 Issues in Financial Reporting
14 HRM-117 Occupational Health & Psychology     FIN-117 Financial Modelling
List of Supportive Courses
S. No Course Code Course Name
1 SUP-101 Computer Application to Business
2 SUP-102 Introduction to Psychology
3 SUP-103 Business Law & Ethics
4 SUP-104 Corporate Social Responsibility
5 SUP-105 Public Speaking
6 SUP-106 Foreign Language (French/Arabic/Chinese)
7 SUP-107 Social Psychology
8 SUP-108 Pakistan Economy
9 SUP-109 Professional Writing
10 SUP-110 Environmental Sciences
11 SUP-111 International Relations
12 SUP-112 Current Affairs
The BS Finance and Accounting program is designed to prepare students with specialized knowledge and skills required to meet the new market challenges posed by the complex financial situations emerging in today’s business enterprises. It is widely accepted that practical financial management could mean the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful venture. Therefore, BS Finance and Accounting are tailored to impart financial management education and skills with fundamentals and advanced knowledge of finance and accounting with a global perspective. As investment marketplaces, asset classes, processes, mechanics, underlying investment, numerical skills to understand and enable practice investment-related mathematics. The primary objective of BS Finance and Accounting is to assess the profit and loss of the financial transactions and provide an impartial view of the business. Consequently, to safeguard the financial interests of various internal and external corporate stakeholders connected to the industry. Program Outcomes
By the end of this program, students will exhibit an ability to:
  • Understand and apply finance and accounting theory
  • Explain and apply international accounting standards
  • Comprehensively evaluate the financial statement information
  • Estimate and compare different investments
  • Identify, define, and review pertinent research questions, relevant literature, and an appropriate methodology
  • Analyze by solving valuation and investment problems
  • Communicate financial information effectively in corporate settings.
  • Design solutions for business problems by keeping business standards, cultural, societal, environmental, and ethical values under consideration.
CAREER OPPORTUNITIES The program is designed to offer students a well-diversified business background which is important to the finance and accounting professional in today’s technology-driven, and dynamic, global business environment. This degree prepares you for a rewarding career in any sector of the economy. Graduates can work as financial accountants, forensic accountants, management accountants, auditors, chief financial officers, financial advisors, and tax specialists. There are also a number of pathways to choose from including audit, taxation, budget analysis, financial accounting, and management accounting CURRICULUM The curriculum for BS Finance and Accounting is made up of a minimum of 135 credit hours. For this purpose, the students are required to complete 43 courses, and a 6 credit hours project/ thesis. It covers all major functional areas of accounting and finance. These 135 credit hours are divided into five (5) parts: (1) General education courses - 18 credit hours; (2) Basic Business Core Courses- 48 credit hours; (3) Accounting and Finance Core Courses and Labs -51 credit hours; (4) Accounting and Finance specialization - 12 credit hours (5) Final project- 6 credit hours. The proposed curriculum is shown in table 1.
Table 1. Proposed Curriculum
PROPOSED CURRICULUM (BS Finance and Accounting)
Semester 1 Semester 2
Course CH Course CH
Fundamentals of Accounting*** 3 Principles of Marketing** 3
Functional English* 3 Business Communication** 3
Business Mathematics ** 3 Business Statistics and Analysis** 3
Islamic Studies* 3 Financial Accounting*** 3
Principles of Management** 3 Principles of Microeconomics** 3
Computer Applications in Business** 3 Pakistan Studies* 3
Semester 3 Semester 4
Course CH Course CH
Software application in Finance and Accounting*** 3 Calculus for Business * 3
Cost Accounting*** 3 Managerial Accounting*** 3
Business Law** 3 Business Taxation*** 3
Business Finance*** 3 Financial Management*** 3
Public Speaking* 3 Foreign Language* 3
Principles of Macroeconomics** 3 E-commerce*** 3
Semester 5 Semester 6
Course CH Course CH
Organization Behavior** 3 Fundamentals of Project Management** 3
Corporate Finance *** 3 Financial Risk Management*** 3
Entrepreneurship** 3 Accounting for Financial Instruments*** 3
Financial Statement Analysis*** 3 Strategic Business Management** 3
An introduction to Islamic Finance*** 3 Audit and Internal Business Review*** 3
Business Research Methods** 3 Business Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence** 3
Semester 7 Semester 8
Course CH Course CH
Strategic Finance*** 3 Advanced Auditing *** 3
International Accounting Standards*** 3 Specialization-III 3
Specialization-I 3 Specialization-IV 3
Specialization-II 3 Thesis II /Practical Training/ SAP 3
Thesis I /Practical Training/ SAP 3    
*General Education course **Core Business Education course *** Finance and accounting core course  
    Accounting Specialization
  1. Legal and Regulatory Environment
  2. Tax Management and Optimization
  3. Accounting for Actuarial Science
  4. Treasury and Funds Management
  5. Merger and Acquisition Accounting
  6. Positive Accounting Theory
  7. Data Mining for Business Accounting
  8. Issues in Financial Reporting
  9. Advance auditing
  10. Accounting for multinationals
Finance Specialization
  1. Corporate Governance
  2. Financial Derivatives
  3. Treasury and Funds Management
  4. Business Analysis and Financial Decision Making
  5. Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management
  6. Advance Corporate Finance
  7. Financial Econometrics
  8. Public Finance
  9. International Banking
  10. Behavioral Finance
  11. Mergers and Acquisitions
  12. International Financial
  13. Branch Banking
  14. Marketing of Financial Services
  15. Strategic Financial Management
  16. Contemporary Issues in finance
  17. Regulations and Financial Markets
  18. Sharia Compliant Financial Markets and Institutions
  19. Financial technology
  20. Green Finance
Note: The Program Coordinator can offer courses from a variety of electives in an area of specialization depending upon the availability of faculty and changing market trends. The list of elective courses is not exhaustive and new courses can be added once approved from the Academic Committee of the Institute. INTERNSHIP It is mandatory for students to do a 9-Week corporate internship (0 credit hours) after completion of their fourth semester. The University has a policy of full compliance to the guidelines/requirements prescribed by HEC and/or concerned accreditation council for the degree program.