Office of Student Affairs (OSA)


We facilitate students in a variety of possible ways to provide them with one-stop service. In the first phase, OSA processes all non-academic departments of the university, such as registration offices, Examination Controller, accounts and finance departments, transportation offices, libraries, etc. This is to ensure a smooth transition between the university and the culture. To prevent unnecessary conflicts. It was created to support student organizations and maximize student completion rates. The department can investigate and solve student problems, problems and problems. It also ensures that appropriate measures are taken to satisfy students in accordance with university policies, procedures and legal requirements. In the future, OSA will plan, implement and manage programs and services that help students re-engage, continue and complete academic programs. Develop, monitor and promote student retention program activities. In the future, OSA will handle the academic sector and extend its services to more segments related to student services. The Student Services Center helps students:

  1. Cooperation and partnership between the university department and the external community
  2. Continuous improvement of services and systems and quality
  3. Plans and arranges social, cultural, and recreational activities of various student groups, according to university policies and regulations: Meets with student and faculty groups to plan activities
  4. Evaluates programs and suggests modifications.
  5. Schedules events to prevent overlapping and coordinates activities with sports and other university programs.
  6. If students are facing any issues/problems; they can approach easily to OSA and discuss their matter. OSA accepts all applications and proceeds it as per University’s rules and procedures and facilitates them in the possible ways.


With the passage of the time and as with the grow of our university its was observed that there must be a single window where student can be facilitate for their issues and problems and then OSA was established in 10th December 2018 in our campus.


Student Service Center

Student Service Center (SSC), also provides an excellent opportunity to University check the efficiency of various non-Academic and Academic departments in service provision.


Goals of SSC

The Student Services Center aspires to achieve the following goals in collaboration with other departments of the University:

  1. Provide excellent student-centred admin services
    2.      Enable students to develop life skills and personality
    3.      Assist students with academic and personal issues that may interfere with their academic programs.
    4.      Develop a referral/mentoring group for students seeking help or need assistance
    5.      Establish a plan of action to address student problems or issues
  2. Following downloads are available here to facilitate the students
  3. Degree application Form.
  4. Transcript Clearance Form.
  5. General Request Form.
  6. Requirements for transcript/Result card/degree application

Clubs and Societies

Club & Societies Office is incubated at OSA to streamline the activities for clubs and societies.

Club & Societies works with all the Departments to establish Class Representative System and accepts registration for different Clubs and Societies. Clubs/Societies consists of a convener; who leads the entity, a secretary; who assists convener for the execution of general duties, a treasurer; who makes realistic annual budget and general members.

Club & Societies Office establishes clear rules and regulations for all the entities and the participants under it to keep order and a proper system. All student extra-curricular activities at the University of Lahore are arranged by Club & Societies Office.

We are planning to open up new registration for clubs and societies very soon


  1. Inauguration Ceremony of Ibadat International University Islamabad (Kindly attach video clip and pics of the event).
  2. Independence Day
  3. Iqbal Day.


To provide the most effective, efficient, and generous Financial Assistance program to students, so that they get an opportunity to grow in their careers and contribute significantly towards the growth of the country.


Providing a platform for students to achieve their educational goals on the premise that Financial Constraints should not be a barrier to their quality education and future.


Facilitation to the students by providing them timely financial support through fee waivers and fee instalments on case to case basis.