Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences is a very fast-growing department under the umbrella of the Faculty of Allied Health & Biological Sciences (FAHBS). The foundation milestone of this department is launching a Bachelor of Vision Sciences in Ibadat International University Islamabad. Optometry is an independent primary health care profession that encompasses the prevention and remediation of disorders of the eye and visual system. Bachelors of Vision Sciences perform comprehensive examinations of both the internal and external structures of the eye and subjective and objective tests to evaluate patient vision, analyze test findings, and diagnose and manage visual efficiency and eye health. Optometrists also work with other health professionals in co-managing the care of patients. All optometrists provide general eye and vision care—some through general practice and others through more specialized practice such as contact lenses, geriatrics, low vision services (for visually impaired patients), occupational vision (to protect and preserve workers’ vision and minimize eye strain), pediatrics, sports vision, and vision therapy.
The educational missions of the Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences are to educate and train optometrists to serve the needs of the health care populations, but also educate and train qualified teachers and researchers in optometry and vision sciences; to provide post-doctoral education in advanced clinical areas (residencies), and to provide training for practitioners in new developments and the medical sciences. The research mission is to add to the body of knowledge identified as vision science and to its effective application. The service missions are to provide counsel and support to the profession in its quest to improve optometric services; to help provide appropriate health education to the public; to help extend care to those segments of society which are underserved, and to provide advice and counsel to the international optometric sector. (DOVS, IIUI)
This degree is designed especially for those students who want to excel their career in the field of Optometry. They will be called “Optometrist” to their names. This degree will provide professional skills to them and they will be in a position to get better jobs as an “Optometrist” in health settings. Optometrist provide general eye and vision care – some through general practice and others through more specialized practice such as Contact Lenses, Geriatrics, Low Vision Services (for visually impaired patients), occupational vision (to protect and preserve workers vision and minimize eye strain), paediatrics, sports vision, and vision therapy. Currently there is a lot of demand for Optometrists in Pakistan as well as in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and in South Asia etc. It is estimated that one Optometrist is required per 10000 people. But the total number of Optometry professionals in Pakistan in only one for 60000 people.
Diagnose ocular manifestations of systemic conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure and complications of the aging process such as cataracts and macular degenerations. •        Prescribe and fit eye glasses and contact lenses as well as low vision rehabilitation
  • Educate patients about vision health and life style choices for protecting and enhancing good vision and health
  • Conduct research and promote advancement in the field of vision sciences
At the end of BVS 4 year’s program, student should have basic knowledge and skills required to work as an Optometrist and are supposed to have the following performance capabilities:
  1. Able to differentiate / detect normal and abnormal eyes
  2. Able to take history of the patient with refractive errors
  3. Able to examine the anterior segment of the eye
  4. Able to perform objective / subjective refraction and prescribe eye glasses
  5. Able to perform screening for refractive errors
  6. Able to carry out basic optometrist procedures
  7. Able to have basic knowledge about various diagnostic optometrist procedures
  8. Able to Educate patients regarding eye care
  9. Able to carry out basic contact lens fitting, low vision & orthoptics assessment
  10. Able to initiate research in the area of optometry
S.No Name of Faculty Designation Qualifications
1 Muhammad Imshad Khan Assistant Professor & Head BSVS, MPhil
2 Muhammad Qasim Assistant Professor BSVS, FCOptom, MSPH, FSAPHO
3 Sounaina Mukhtar Lecturer BSVS MPhil
4 Seerat Zahra Lecturer BSVS MPhil
5 Sana Urooj Coordinator BSVS
  Accreditation Accredited with (HEC) Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.  
Semester 1 CR.HR. Semester 2 CR. HR. Semester 3 CR. HR. Semester 4 CR.HR.  
Human Anatomy & Histology 4 General Pathology 3 Communication Skills 3 Ocular Anatomy 3
General Physiology 4 Public Health Optometry 2 Pakistan Studies 3 Screening Observations 2
Biochemistry and Genetics 4 Introduction to Computers 3 Medical Ethics 2 Ocular Physiology 3
Mathematics for Optometry 2 Behavioral Sciences 2 Islamic Studies 3 Ocular Disease I 3
Functional English 3 Clinical Medicine 3 Applied Statistics for Optometrists 2 Ophthalmic Nursing 1
Primary Eye Care 1 English B  (Communication, Technical writing & Presentation Skills)) 3 Fundamental of Surgery 2 Geometrical and Physical Optics 3
        Introduction to Microbiology 2 Ocular Pharmacology 3
Total Credit Hours 18   16   17   18
Semester 5 CR.HR. Semester 6 CR. HR. Semester 7 CR. HR. Semester 8 CR.HR.  
Physiological and Visual Optics 3 Low Vision Rehabilitation and Geriatrics 3 BSV and Orthoptic Techniques 3(3-0) Clinical Reasoning and Diagnostic Procedure 2(2-0)
Vision Sciences 3 Strabismus 3 Contact Lens 3(2-1) Clinical Rotation 4(0-4)
Optometric Procedures 1 3 Neuro Ophthalmology 3(3-0) Pediatric Optometry 3(3-0) Research Project 6
Ocular Disease II 3 Optometric Procedure II 3(2-1) Research Methodology 3(3-0)    
Refraction 3 Advance Refraction and Visual Function 3(2-1) Clinical Problem Solving 2(2-0)    
Ophthalmic Dispensing 3 Clinical Practice 3(0-3) Clinical Practice 3(0-3)    
Total Credit Hours 18   18   17   12
    Department Address: Department of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Ibadat International University Islamabad, 6.7KM Japan Road, Sihala Zone V, Islamabad.