faculty of allied health & biological sciences

Faculty of Allied Health & Biological Sciences

Dean's Message

With immense pleasure, I welcome you to the Faculty of Allied Health and Biological Sciences (FAH&BS). You will be joining a faculty that takes pride in its teaching excellence and is led by nationally and internationally renowned and qualified faculty members. As Dean, I will support students in their educational journey so that they gain the knowledge and skill needed to impact their profession and become leaders in science and healthcare.

FAH&BS is committed to providing the highest quality education in the basic medical sciences and health professions. We offer outstanding clinical degree programs in Physical Therapy, Medical Laboratory Technology, Optometry, Cardiac Profusion Technology, Ultra Sound, Radiology & Imaging Technology, Nutrition & Dietetics and Nursing.

Our undergraduate and graduate degree programs provide opportunities for active learning that engage students and prepare them for careers as clinical professionals and researchers committed to improving the healthcare and scientific communities. There are opportunities for research, clinical fieldwork, and internships for students. Students can develop their leadership abilities by taking part in professional student organizations on campus. Furthermore, we encourage students towards interprofessional collaboration through shared educational opportunities that connect students from different programs. Through this activity, our students learn the value of other professions, as well as the fundamentals of collaboration – teamwork, mutual respect, trust, communication, and shared values.

Our faculty members are excellent academicians, clinicians, and researchers who are committed to assisting students in reaching their full potential as professionals equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, critical thinking, behavior and attitudes, and leadership qualities to pursue their profession in academia, health care, and research not only in Pakistan, but also globally. Furthermore, our faculty is committed to the creation and dissemination of new knowledge through research in order to fulfil the country’s healthcare needs. They actively supervise students’ research projects in order to help them develop the skills required to pursue a degree or a job in research.

I invite you to explore our website to discover more about the breadth and depth of opportunities that we offer. We would love to have you as a member of our family!

We wish you all the best of luck in an exciting journey in your chosen field.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nazim Farooq