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Vice chairman’s message

Founding Vice Chairman, Message

It is a great honour and privilege to be part of the successful endeavor that culminated in the establishment of “IBADAT International University.” It is no less than a dream coming true for me.
We have constructed a purpose-built campus across 200 kanals land with a goal to deliver genuinely transformative educational experiences.  Our students will leave this campus with the skills, knowledge; and drive to become leaders in their fields and to lead lives of impact in the world. We will ensure every one of our students can write their story of success no matter where they start, what their parents do, and what goals they choose for themselves. We seek to nurture the transformative leaders of tomorrow that will help shape ideologies, industries, corporations, and governments.
We strive to offer our students an accessible and affordable quality higher education; and are consciously aware of financial hardships caused to the them and their parents by COVID. No student is ever denied education on the grounds of their financial inability.
f you are not sure yet, we will help you chart your path. To begin with Computer Sciences, Engineering, Social Sciences, Pharmacy and Allied health are just a few disciplines you can pursue at IIU. Our faculty and staff are dedicated teachers driving cutting-edge research in their fields and looking to enrich the lives of our student body.  Beyond academics, we will aspire to build a space where our students can grow in an environment built on compassion, empathy, and diversity of thought.
I am honoured and excited to play my part in building the future of our student community.    

Brig. Muhammad Ajaib (R)

Founding Vice Chairman