Faculty of social sciences

Faculty of Social Sciences

Dean's Message

Our Law Department is well known for its astonishing faculty. For all the well deserved performances and accolades of our faculty members, it is their deep and sincere commitment to law that sets them apart, our faculty has famous names as well as many names that will be famous. Our faculty is a structure for interdisciplinary legal fields and is committed to teach and they consider teaching a privilege. You will find our faculty members regularly teaching in the curriculum, just as you will find them in their offices, weekly coffees and chatting in the hallway. Our core mission is to educate legal education.

When you come to study Law you will join a friendly body of faculty and students and with a development of lifelong friendship and professional relationships, and changing the world. Here at IBADAT International University, we encourage students to be open minded, serve the public, debate, and discuss the most important topics of the day, whether in the courts, the parliament or the government and how day to day people are affected by such decisions.

Whichever career path you choose, the educational opportunities at the Law Department and we will help you in all formats. We will encourage all genders to pursue their desires and careers be it in the courts, litigations, civil or criminal, family matters, constitutional matters, criminal matters, corporate, advisory or any other legal matters. We aim not only to provide the theories of law subjects but also the practicalities, our teaching methods are up to the highest standards, updated and advance. We regularly hold moots in a mock court giving the students an incite in how to plead your case before judges and also we arrange visits to the lower courts, the high courts and even the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

With the approval of Pakistan Bar Council, we will offer a LL.B course which will be recognized by the concerned bodies such as Pakistan Bar Council and HEC, before you know it, the 5 year LLB course will rush by and these 5 years will be highly memorable, opening up exclusive doors in any field that you desire, be it a judge, a prominent lawyer, law teacher, government official, CSS officer and so on…the world is your oyster.

I am very pleased and excited to inform you that we are in the process of establishing a LL.M course in many legal subjects and possibly PhDs in law and law related subjects.

Finally, our university is established on respect and decency for its faculty members and students and we have an open door policy whereby students and faculty members are free to discuss their problems and find solutions.

All of us look forward to meeting you.

Justice ® Dr Sajid Qureshi

Professor of Law and Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences

Former High Court Judge, Islamabad.