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Chairman’s message

Founding Chairman, Message

By grace of Allah Almighty, IBADAT International University has been established at Islamabad under an act of The Parliament. It has taken twenty years of hard work, perseverance and unflinching faith in our cause to attain this signal goal. It is gratefully acknowledged that without guidance and support of Honorable members of the Senate and the National Assembly, Federal Ministry of Education, higher Education Commission and host of supporters and well-wishers, our mission would not have been accomplished. I would also like to express my deep gratitude to the members of our loyal faculty and staff for their hard work, devotion and professionalism.

From a humble start in 1998, to establish University of Lahore and IBADAT International University, Islamabad in a short span of two decades is a miraculous achievement. We owe this success to Allah the Almighty and the unity of our group and sincerity of purpose. After having achieved exponential horizontal expansion, our focus must now shift to accord priority to strengthen and reinforce the existing structure. The Management and faculty must remain fully committed to create conducive environment for quality education and welfare of students. Required funds shall be provided to the University for Research and R&D in order to stay in synch with emerging technologies and innovations in the field of teaching. The University must keep itself abreast with our economic-socio problems and contribute in their solutions.

M.A. Raoof
Patron, Board of Governors