Pharmacy Students visit to Wilson’s Pharmaceutical, Islamabad

Pharmacy Students visit to Wilson's Pharmaceutical, Islamabad

Pharmacy Students visit to Wilson’s Pharmaceutical, Islamabad.

2 Days Pharm-D Industrial

An Industrial Visit-2024 to Wilson’s Pharmaceuticals pvt. Ltd, Islamabad was organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy, IBADAT International University on Monday, Jan 1st, 2024 and Tuesday, Jan 2nd, 2024. A number of Students from the Faculty of pharmacy with two faculty members visited Wilson’s Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. They interacted with the pharmaceutical industry to understand different departments and processes of pharma industries with novel approaches. During this visit, students were very eagerly waiting to listen to industrial higher authorities. In the morning at 10:00 am we visited Wilson’s Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. When we reached the industry, HR personnel of the industry welcomed us and drove us to the meeting room where we introduced our students to HR. personal and he introduced herself and other members to the students. After that, we divided our students into 10 students per batch for the visit and interaction with the industrial person and sections. The Hr. personnel and HODs of different departments drove us to visit different departments like the warehouse, production (Manufacturing) department, Quality control department, Quality assurance department, Primary and secondary packaging department, etc. In all departments, departmental HODs have given us information regarding their respective department. After the visit, they offered us refreshments. After refreshments, our students have clicked pictures at the industry campus and then we leave the place. We reached the university at about 2’oclock. Students enjoyed the visit and also grasped knowledge.