Training on PLS Fundamentals

Training on PLS Fundamentals

Training on PLS Fundamentals.

The recent workshop on “PLS Fundamentals: Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling,” conducted by Dr. Muhammad Farhan Basheer, marked a significant educational milestone for the entire faculty of Ibadan University, Islamabad. This comprehensive workshop was designed to acquaint the faculty members with the advanced statistical technique of Partial Least Squares (PLS) in Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), fostering a deeper understanding of data analysis and research methodologies.

The event, spanning over several sessions, was attended by faculty members from various departments, reflecting the interdisciplinary importance of SEM in academic research. Dr. Basheer, renowned for his expertise in statistical methods, meticulously crafted the workshop’s content to cater to both beginners and those with some prior knowledge of SEM.

A major highlight of the workshop was the emphasis on the practical application of PLS-SEM in academic research. Dr. Basheer, through a series of interactive lectures and hands-on training sessions, demonstrated the utility of PLS in unraveling complex data relationships, a skill crucial across various academic disciplines. The faculty members gained insights into how PLS-SEM could be integrated into their research projects, enhancing their analytical capabilities.

Another key takeaway was the discussion on the versatility of PLS-SEM. Dr. Basheer presented case studies from diverse fields, illustrating the adaptability of the method in different research contexts. This aspect of the workshop significantly contributed to broadening the faculty’s perspective on the potential applications of SEM in their respective fields.

The workshop concluded with an engaging Q&A session, where Dr. Basheer addressed specific queries and provided tailored advice to faculty members about implementing PLS-SEM in their research work. This interactive session was particularly beneficial for fostering a collaborative learning environment.

In summary, the “PLS Fundamentals” workshop at Ibadan University was not just an educational event but a transformative experience for the entire faculty. It empowered the academic staff with advanced knowledge and skills in SEM, paving the way for innovative and robust research methodologies at the university. Dr. Muhammad Farhan Basheer’s contribution was pivotal in enriching the faculty’s academic expertise, leaving a lasting impact on the university’s research culture.

Trainer: Dr. Muhammad Farhan Basheer.